Do you want manuals that suit your organizational culture? DNR PARTNERS CPA has a solution for you!
We design financial manuals, procurement procedures manual and HR manuals destined to enable your business to operate in environment enhancing growth and customer centricity. We also design for our clients appropriate internal control systems that fit business characteristics as well as the requirements of your regulator in the industry you are working in

Most people confuse Strategic plan with business plan!!!!! DNR PARTNERS do not confuse them anymore. We design appropriate and specific strategic plan that respond to the mission and vision as well as the intended growth of the company. It’s a strategic direction document for companies already in business seeking to grow further

We design a feasible business plan as detailed as possible that respond to the needs such as funding, viability of the business and the suitability to the market. We assist our clients in analyzing their SAF for growth
  • Suitability: Does the strategy respond to the company strategic objectives?
  • Acceptability: Is the strategy acceptable by the relevant stakeholders?
  • Feasibility: Does the company has resources to implement the designed strategy?
Companies may struggle to grow due to having started without clear written goals, missions, and visions. We provide with you the strategic diagnosis and recommend the course of action for the company healthy position. Find an advisor with us today!

Do you really want to grow your company? You need such high caliber committed staff to help you grow your company. DNR PARTNERS CPA is specialized in selecting such high competent staff, men, and women with high integrity for your company exceptional growth. We also provide with our clients Payroll solutions destined to facilitate in the process of preparation salaries and statutory deductions with no errors in computations. Contact us today to discuss how!

Do you plan to add a new business line to your portfolio? Do you want to diversify your business? DNR PARTNERSΒ CPA assesses the project viability, feasibility, and cash flow analysis for your business line to break even as well as payback period. The well-established financial models, based on market and industry research analysis, help the clients with better decision on whether to continue, reduce or stop the business line

What is the value of your investment to date? If you can sell your investment how much does it worth? Would you like to turn around your business? DNR PARTNERS has solutions to the above problems and we are well positioned to change your current paradigm for growth that make you a market leader in your industry.

Are you an NGO? You need to know whether the project you supported has achieved the milestones that were targeted, you need to know the impact your support has created upon the project beneficiaries, you need to know whether value for money principles were adhered to? The optimum solution is by outsourcing an independent partner for the assessment and evaluation. DNR PARTNERS has high caliber staff with huge experience in NGOs management, thus we are a solution for projects evaluation.

In addition, we assist NGOs in community needs assessment, grant writing and compliance related activities

DNR PARTNERS advises clients in closing deals related to mergers and acquisition. We provide with you the valuation models that lead to fixing the minimum-maximum price for acquisition of company and facilitate in the transaction of mergers and acquisition in accounting and financial reporting terms

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